Monday, January 28, 2008


i know you all think i am great and all but please allow me to burst your bubble.

yesterday, i was handed an opportunity to make a good first impression on a genuinely nice, normal, tall, good-looking guy and what did i do? talk about my repulsive eating habits and bowel movements while he was eating beans and rice at our burrito fest.

let's face reality.

the nice ones are too nice.

the geeks are too smart.

the peter priesthoods have sworn to celibacy.

the completely normal guys have already graduated from single wards.

the jocks are too obsessed with themselves.

the rage machines are... rage machines.

the rm's are only interested in talking about their mission adventures.

and the girls who act too much like themselves scare everyone away...

if they are me, that is.



Anonymous said...

Don't give up, Wunkies. You will find someone who will love you despite your eating habits, bowel movements, and dysfuntional family. I don't think you are beyond hope.

Yet. ;)

saschub said...

probably best to leave the bowel movements out of the conversation until the relationship has had a chance to develop!

Life out Here said...

Ha ha!! Amy!! Don't do that!! =) Meals consisting of beans coupled with stories of bowel movements do not go together well. Yes, such stories can be entertaining, but save it for, oh, the 75th date. ;)

Love the beginning to the story you are writing on hiking trails on Outdoor Women- great stuff. I'm excited to read more!


moosh in indy. said...

That's my girl. If a man can't handle some BM talk then he's not for you. what am I talking about? Even I don't talk about that with Cody and it's been seven years.