Tuesday, August 19, 2008

bathroom humor

TAIWAN HAS TURNED ME INTO A POTTY MOUTH! and i mean literally. this restaurant adds new meaning to the phrase. it is called modern toilet and can only be found in taiwan. it was so ironic, yesterday, i got a random forwarded email from my friend robyn. it just had a bunch of pictures of people eating out of miniature toilets and urinals. i was showing some of the people that i work with and misha, my supervisor told me that she knows where that restaurant is here in tainan. i was like..."you mean it is here?!" yes, of course. i got super excited...to eat out of a toilet...and made her take me there, even tho she was disgusted about the whole idea. i try to load more pictures on this blog and it doesn't work...anyway we had a lot of fun playing around with our food in the urinals and toilets. my dish was served in a tub so i wasn't that grossed out. it was fun. oh, mom, i bought you a toilet magnet for the fridge- i will send it to you...

Sunday, August 17, 2008


its monday and i only have one week left in taiwan...aaaahh!! i am definitely going to miss it here. for my last week of teaching i am at a very small school called Nanke and i love my students already. mondays are usually total junk for me...i'm sick, i have 24 new pairs of eyes gawking at me and asking me for my msn, did i say i am sick...my throat is killing me! i think it is from the exhaust of the scooters and the constant switch from unbearable heat to cold, cold air conditioners. what am i doing complaining about air conditioning? it is going to be hard to leave after this week because i really love my class. the students are really smart and they work hard. I LOVE TAIWAN!!