Thursday, September 18, 2008

JUANO!...not guano...

so...most of you know already that i am dating someone...yeah, yeah... yada, yada. so here is the story...
we met appropriately on the volleyball turtle bay on the north shore. since we both love volleyball our interest in one another was piqued. we played the little flirt game that young kids these days are playing, but mostly didn't say much to each other on the court- a little hand slap here and a good job there. so after a hot day in the sand and sun we went our separate ways wondering if we might chance a second meeting. he left with his other latina (mind you) friends and i left with my friend, frankie. frankie was hungry so we decided to go to ted's bakery up the road. when we got there i knew in my heart it was providence because HE was there! but i was too nervous to say hi or get his attention. he was sitting at a table eating a burger and chatting. so i just walked in the sandwich shop. i ordered my food at the counter and stepped aside by the table with the condiments. then, lo and behold but who walks in? it was HIM! he walked right up next to me and grabbed a few napkins from the counter and was about to leave when words came out of my mouth- "HEY!...uh....howzit?" he looked up at me with a puzzled look *pause* and then he spoke, "do i know you?"
hard to recover after that but i just played it off with self-deprecating rebuttal, "uh, we played volleyball together" *pause* it clicked for him when i put my sunglasses back on my face but i was still slighted by his negligance. we chatted for a bit and then he said he had to go cuz his ride was waiting... darnit.
luckily i did see him again...the next day (small town). and he got my number and we have been practically inseprable since. so i started calling him guano (pronounced wa-no) but come to find out that means cow crap in spanish. he was too nice to say anything...i guess he was just happy that i was calling him somthing at all. now i call him juano which is pronounced with a breath at the beginning- kinda like how you would say 'who' or 'how'....hwa-no. got it? good.