Tuesday, December 2, 2008

just call him the SHREDDER!!

you know those cartoons we used to watch as kids where the beaver tears through a forest shredding every tree in sight? i guess the perfect example is the beaver on lady and the tramp. do you remember? he shreds through the tree in seconds with wood chips flying in every direction....
now you are wondering why in the humf i am talking about this. well, juano is just such a shredder. when it comes to eating and if he is hungry enough- man does he shred! i was blown away by how he could shred. we had one of those massive foot-long subs from the grocery store and i had a 1/4 of it and juano took care of the rest. there were bread remnants all over the table, floor, chair....his hair...the guy across the room. i guess you don't have any control over where the bread crumbs fly when you are concentrating so hard on filling your empty stomache. just thought i would warn you to not get in juano's way when he is hungry!