Wednesday, June 27, 2012

17 months? already??

I can't believe my little big guy is already 17 months. Its true what everyone says about how fast they grow. I am such a terrible person and have not recorded all the hurdles he has passed. I started a journal a while back and made a goal to just write one sentence a day. Guess how many sentences I wrote? yup- you know me all too well.
So here is a list that proves that Marcus is a totally awesome kid. I will list the most recent stuff first:
1. He can feed himself with a spoon
2. He climbs up onto a chair at the table and sits down ready to be fed (no more high chair)
3. He still eats at least 1/2 avocado a day
4. He can catch a ball. piece of cake.
5. He loves to throw balls across the room. Heads up!!
6. He also likes to experiment the projectilability of many other objects: spoons, forks, blocks, books, brushes, toothbrushes, mascara, tampons (which leads to number seven.)
7. He can reach his little dirty paws into any drawer in the kitchen and bathroom without any trouble at all (we are no longer allotted a 'junk' drawer)
8. He gets his shoes, a book, and his balls when asked
9. He knows how to productively ask for milk (sometimes hysterically).
10. He can kick a ball and drink his milk at the same time
11. He can swim in and out of his inner-tube (only in the living room of course)
12. He kisses on command
13. He high-fives on command (also, when the opportunity arises, he likes to high five your face)
14. He can go up and down the stairs of the slide (that's right, its more fun to go down the stairs rather than take the 'easy' way down. I guess the rest of us are just lazy)
15. He can bark at the dogs and meow at the cats in the neighborhood.
16. He can jump off the end of the couch onto the love sac
17. He can dump water on his own head at bathtime
18. He can take off his own diaper in the morning while still in bed....and still peeing
19. He can climb into his toy box and empty the entire contents of it till the floor is impenetrable in less than 5 minutes
---aaaaaaaand last but not least---
20. He can cue his audience for applause when he successfully does any of the above