Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kuhio day at the beach

It was Bubba's first day at the beach- a beautiful day at one of my favorite beaches in Hawaii, Waimea Bay. We went with our totally awesome friends: Janelle, Kelepi & Janine, and Rebecca & Tyler. We had such a good time riding the waves and listening to the whales under the water. Incredible, yeah? Bubba was such a good sport. He and our friend's baby, Kilipati are really close in age and get this- he's named after an island. Maybe there is an island for Marcus....and...YES! There is! I just looked it up and there is a Marcus Island. Take that Kilipati!! If you don't believe me check this out....anyway....
Whenever we go to waimea we are reminded of just how much we love hawaii and are going to miss it when we leave. If only we could convince our families to move we would stay here forever!
Whadaya say guys?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Time to say goodbye

to my horse mane. I think this is the longest that my hair has ever been and its thanks to those crazy pregnancy hormones. This is as much as the hubby would let me chop off. She said that she layered it but it doesn't look like it. Does it?
__________________Before____________________________________ After__________________

I'm a long-haired gal- always will be. I don't think I could ever pull off a cute pixie or bob. I don't care if babies pull half my hair out.