Tuesday, March 11, 2008


the cost of putting yourself out there is....


yeah, i tried it.

I told a guy that i like him and...

he said he wishes he were back on his mission.

i guess that is what i get for going for the young guns.

but what can i do? there are only young fish in the BYUH sea.

maybe i should just snorkel these waters and fish later-look but don't touch.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

you can call me grandma but don't call me pregnant...

today started off good for me which is a rarity. i usually wallow in self-pity and lament the fact that the morning has once again arrived and i must drag my sorry butt out of bed and scurry off to class. but we are not talking about every other day of the week- we are talking about today....
can i just say- someone got their beauty sleep- and it was me. i looked good and i knew it...and my roommates knew it....and mark chiba in the library noticed it....but the guy at the grocery store...didn't.
i was standing in line to buy my temaki sushi roll and hint-of-lime tostitos when a familiar voice behind me starts busting up. it was gideon, a "good friend" of mine (yeah, right).
"Ho, sis, i taut you was a grandma standin' dea wit dat white sweata an da kine."
yeah, that's right. from behind i look like some grandma!
i blame the latest fashion trends. it seems that long flowy shirts that are comfortable and modest (unsexy or pregnant-looking in male vernacular) kindle comments such as these.
i called him a jerk and walked out of the store all the while laughing at the whole ridiculous scene. why should i take offense to an affront given by someone who's wardrobe consists of "dressy" board shorts, casual board shorts, surfing board shorts, t-shirts and slippers.
oh, and i kid you not about the 'dressy' board shorts. most hawaiians think you are going to the opera or something if you are wearing a nice pair of jeans.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

happy happy day!!

today is the 4th day of spring...or so my daddy would say. i talked to him on Sunday and he told me that he went for a walk in the winter wonderland that continues to pervade Utah. He said he saw a few blades of grass- EVIDENCE! -that spring is here just in time for his birthday. green is such a blessed gift after so much white. for your birthday gift i will pray for more green to come your way or for you to come its way (rumor has it, there are plans of mom and dad spending their 40th wedding anniversary here, in Hawaii, with me!!).

Here is a birthday hug for you, daddy! i miss you so much!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday eating turkey, stuffing, and pie!! I can't wait to see you in the fall! i wuv you!

love, baby

Sunday, March 2, 2008

pavement pebble pizza

this is how terrible i am...
I rode my bike up to the bike rack strategically located in front of the pizza hut and locked it and made my way to the post office at the end of Laie shopping center. i dropped my letters into the slot and walked back to my bike. A young lady carrying 6 boxes of pizza walked out from the restaurant and as she walked passed me the redolent smell wafted to my olfactory nerves and struck an undeniable craving. I.... NEED....PIZZA!-my little heart screamed. I impulsively walked into the pizza hut and ordered the biggest pizza they had to offer. The lady told me it would be a 15 minute wait- just enough time to go to foodland and get.....more.....food. My 5 minute trip to drop off outgoing mail was now turning into a full out shopping trip.
And that it did. never - ever go shopping on an empty stomach. in 15 minutes i found myself returning to the pizza hut with 4 bulging plastic bags worth of who knows what- don't ask it was on sale!
the lady brought me my pizza with a smile and asked if their was anything she could get. I asked if she could put the over-sized pizza box in a plastic sack. she pointed to the sacks that they had and said, "oh, we do- but they are not big enough for the new yorker pizza box, sorry."
Oh thats okay, i will just put it on my handle bars with all my other groceries- no problem....yeah.
as i was trying to juggle the groceries and the pizza on my bike the box slipped and i barely caught it with a few fingers. but my grip was on the end opposite from the opening. so a bunch of slices of pizza fell out on the pavement. crap! i looked around to see if any one saw and then quickly put them back in the box and rode off.
as i was riding home i rode past the boys house just across the street from our house and i had a fabulous idea. maybe they would like some pizza. so i invited them over for some. i situated the pizza slices that had fallen on the ground closest to them- but they took other unscathed pieces. dangit.
Alas, another one of the boys came over and he graciously took a piece that had fallen on the ground. i am so glad i didn't have to waste any food. i know i can always count on my male counterparts to eat food that has been tainted. Jessie's mom was right, they are like dogs in so many ways.