Sunday, November 30, 2008


yes, that's right! i am engaged to Juan Carlos Gomez!! He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him last night in front of the Laie Temple and I said YES!! i know most of you have never met him so you are just gonna have to take my word for it- he is an incredible person. i can't wait for you all to meet him.
we are planning to get married in the St. George Temple in April 2009. we haven't picked an exact date yet so be patient with us.
it feels so different to actually be engaged- i didn't expect it to feel like this. I love it! today in church i got so excited to share my news in the 'good news minute' my little heart almost jumped out of my chest (maybe that was because there were so many flippin anouncements that she almost forgot to even do good news minute!). most of the people we have told so far have been pretty surprised at the news which surprised me. i guess it is not as obvious as i thought.
i love you, mi amor, and i can't wait to be sealed to you for time and all eternity!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

squat summit

despite the incessant rain and our inclinations to just stay home and be lazy we hit the trails on this lovely aloha friday. we knew that it was going to be super muddy but we went anyway. or i should say, i dragged juano up the slippery trail kicking and complaining. needless to say the mosquitoes and flies were in abundance but i turned to juan after almost slipping on my arse and said positively, 'look at the bright side of things- we'll have the whole trail to ourselves!'
and we did. its a good thing too because i had to take care of some business on the top of the mountain. and i don't mean a little tinkle. i had to full out squat for 15 minutes. oh, how embarrassing. you see- i ate a bad potato for lunch that decided to hit me pretty hard just as soon as we reached the summit. GOOD JOB! so i had to tell juano to wait on the trail for me to go take care of it. I grabbed a handful of leaves and found a good spot to squat.
i will spare you the unnecessary gory details and just show you the picture of the laughter that was the means of my defense mechanism for the embarrassment. ironically this picture looks like i am taking a squat right there in the middle of the trail. to bad you all don't get to see that much of me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

elbow to the face!!

i used to just blog about funny random things that happened to me...i need to get back in the habit...juano and i went to the PCC night show last night and we were just like a normal couple- holding hands and enjoying the entertainment when juano decides to put his arm around me. i guess i was sitting a little too tall at the time and he wound up and clocked me with his elbow right in the face.
i just started laughing but he, feeling idiotic, smacked his fist to his forehead (i love it when he does that- it only happens when he does something it happens a lot- tee hee, jokes). he apologized profusely but all i could do was laugh about it...what else can you do?

laugh it up!

it is the international business conference here at BYUH, which is kinda like education week at BYU and mom's gonna be jealous because i just listened to Barbara Barrington Jones talk about laughter. it made me think of all the people in my life that have done me the good service of making me laugh. sarah, thank you for making me giggle when we snuck butter stuff into our bedroom and guiltily ate the revolting stuff (i only ate it with you cuz i wanted you to like me). jordan, thank you for making me laugh when i had water/milk in my mouth causing me to spew it all over my front at the dinner table. marylu, thank you for making me laugh after the seriousness of you chasing sarah around with a knife died down. laura, thank you for making me laugh when you do that tongue clicking thing in the space between your bottom front teeth and lower lip...or do you pull your lower lip over your bottom front teeth and...oh, nevermind! ...annie, thank you for making me laugh everytime i get excited about some crazy idea i have that you take literally and start blowing things out of proportion (remember the phone i wanted that had speakers and the internet and everything else imaginable?). Larry, thank you for making me laugh when you clench your teeth and pull your face in all sorts of hideous shapes, contours, and convulsions. dad, thank you for making me laugh everytime i get on the phone and you say "baby? is that you?"mom, thank you for making me laugh when you get upset and slap me after i beat you at cards.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

Surprise!! I feel like such a spoiled girl...
my birthday started saturday and didn't end until monday. i guess that's what you get when your birthday falls on a dreaded monday. it started with a package from mom- she is the greatest!! she sent me my favorite- granola- i need to learn how to make it myself because it is a constant request. i also got cards from jordy and daddy and mommy- thanks guys then, that night the girls (keekee, hayley, kat, and asako) took me out to dinner to haleiwa eats
where they serve up the best thai food this side of...
then sunday rolled around and everyone was being so nice to me. i got to talk to the fam via skype and they all met juano! bless his heart- he was so nervous his little hands were sweating and he was hanging on to my elbow for dear life. it was quite the experience. thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone!!
then juano needed a walk so he coaxed me out of the house and we walked toward the temple (the hotspot for sunday strollers). as we were walking we happened upon a blanket with food laid out on it and a balloon. 'what's this?' i asked satirically. everything was covered in tinfoil so i couldn't tell what juano had made for me. i opened it up and you'd never guess but it was a pan of sushi!! and fruit, and apple juice, and chocolate covered mac nuts, and every good thing. he made me sushi and he doesn't even like raw fish or sushi that much. wow- what a guy! look at all that beautiful sushi and juano rolled all of it all by himself (well asako taught him how to do it- but still!). it was an awesome surprise. we had a lovely little picnic near the temple- it was a very memorable birthday.
and it didn't end there...monday-my actual birthday-i got lei'd! asako gave me the most beautiful sweet smelling lei ever. white ginger. it smells like heaven. i wore it all day and just drank it in. then i put it by my bedside and breathed it in all night long the whole week. it was beautiful.
why is everyone so nice to me?