Wednesday, January 23, 2008

call me cursed

i think me and the girls are cursed here in the potluck house, laie, hi. tonight kat and kiki my house mate and roommate, respectively, went out to a movie tonight and another dog appeared on the scene. i must disclose more details to complete the story.
recently, kat made an internet friend. yes, red flags already. he is a byuh alumni and seemed normal until he sent her a random package with- would you have guessed?- socks in it. she just brushed that off as weird but then few weeks later he left a note for her at her workplace saying 'to kat from john'. he then showed up to formally meet her for the first time, mind you, he lives on the mainland- in utah somewhere- so he flew out to hawaii for whatever reason- to stalk my kat, apparently. so he asked her to go to an mxpx concert with him that night and she didn't feel good about it and nicely turned the offer down. he pushed it a little but let her off with 'okay, i will take you to dinner tomorrow then.' when tomorrow rolls around (today) she still didn't feel good about it and told him she was just going to go to a movie with her roommate. that was a big mistake because he showed up at the movie and sat by her. during the movie he tried to make his move. she didn't know what to do so she just sat there stiff. after the movie he tried to give them a ride home but they turned him down, insisting that they could walk home. he pushed the matter but when they started to walk away he got all angry and slammed the door and drove off. as they were walking they noticed that he had circled the parking lot. they were both so nervous and scared about the whole thing that they didn't come straight home for fear that he would follow them and therefore find out where we live.



Brynn said...

Man Amy your stories make me laugh so hard. It makes me miss the college life! Maybe you and all of your roommates need to boycott boys for a while!

Life out Here said...

AAAAH!! Freakkkkyyyyy!

Shelbot said...

lol. ya. I agree with Brynn. I actually met my boyfriend online and he's normal. He also gave me his number and told me i could call him when/if I wanted to meet when I was comfortable. How did scary guy get your address for the package?