Monday, August 23, 2010

baby's way of communicating

I started feeling movement a few weeks ago and it has been awesome. It's the coolest feeling. Yesterday, Juan got up to my stomach and started talking to baby. I hadn't felt any movement for a while but when he was talking right next to my belly she/he started moving. So he started asking, "Kick twice if you are a girl and once for a boy." nothing. so he tried,"kick mommy if you want your name to be Juan Carlos." nothing. Well, they always say that no answer IS and answer so we know now that baby doesn't want his daddy's name.
Whenever I put my pants on, if they are too tight baby kicks in the exact spot that the pants are as if to say, "Get that off me!!" I guess we will see if baby is the type that kicks off her clothes kinda like my sister, Sarah. One day she went outside without a shirt and my dad stopped her. When he scolded her she asked him, "Why can't girls run around with their shirts off like boys?"
We went to a concert on Friday and it was really loud. Juan was worried that we were sitting too close and it was too loud for baby but I didn't feel any movement. We got up and moved further away and that is when baby started kicking and moving around as if to say, "Hey! I was listening to that!" like a teenager.
Oh, and finally, I know baby likes dark chocolate cuz I get a lot of somersaults and kicks when I have a piece...just for the record.