Wednesday, February 29, 2012

long time no see

time to just say something here since a few months have passed by. uh...a lot has happened since halloween. we had a wonderful thanksgiving and christmas out in rosytown with all the fam. i love it there with everyone- pure bliss. new year's was spent at lauradaves which was a lot of fun, of course. that is until kids started throwing up. then a week later Juan had an job interview in las vegas so we headed down there (here) and the day after the interview they called him up and offered him a job. so the last day of january we packed up our lives in a big moving truck and drove 7 hours to vegas. and here we are in our little apartment. we live a few blocks away from sarah which is awesome.
that was a quick up to speed post...but i left out one minor detail....
we found out on valentine's day that....drum roll please.....i'm pregnant.
so that means i am sick. as a dog. but not throwing up. hooray!