Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's time

time to blog again. I feel like life is just passing me by and I am not cherishing the moments. I have been down about blogging lately because our camera broke. We mostly take pictures with our Iphones which I don't think turn out as good but does it matter? At least we have some pictures. Our camera got sand in it so if we do use it we have to edit out the grey dots in every picture.
This spring we went on a camping trip to the Valley of Fire with Aunt Bun AKA Marylu. Our campsite was happily situated among some massive red rocks that blocked the sun and wind. What a cool campsite! Good job Juan- he set up our tent practically by himself.

 After we set up camp we went on the White throne hike. Marcus loved playing with the cool sand in the shade. The coolest part (cool-awesome, cool-not too hot) of the hike was the slot canyon. We also climbed up to an arch for a nice family picture. As you can see I am showing off my baby bump quite nicely.

 That night it was nice and cool and we were woken up by the rising of the moon. It was almost as bright as the sun! Marcus slept through it though- thank goodness.
 We didn't want to stay long cuz it can get really hot in the middle of the day here so we just drove to the Elephant rock for some pictures and headed home. What a fun Memorial Day weekend!
I forgot to mention that Marcus brought along his 'sapopoop', also known as a froggy potty. He has been a champ with the potty training, I must say.