Monday, September 24, 2012

better blogging on the way...

okay- I have been a terrible blogger lately and I would like to change that. I have my excuses though- like - I can't get a good picture of Marcus anymore because he wants to play with the camera before I get a chance to take a picture of his smiley face. So all I end up with is a fussy face like this one:
Or- the excuse that my computer SUCKS and is so slow I have to sit and wait for hours for just one picture to load. AND I don't save any pictures on this computer because it will run even slower so they are all on Juan's flat screen tv/monitor. Yes, we mounted a computer on the top of the wall. So imagine trying to work on something with a little mouse while sitting on a reclined lazyboy. You can see it behind Marcus in this picture. When Juan was mounting it on the wall for some reason he kept hitting nails in the 2x4's so he kept going up and up. His defense was he couldn't go down because Marcus would destroy it. Good point. I digress.
Putting all those excuses aside- here I am blogging. Ya happy?
Oh- one more thing to complain about... for some reason I can't load videos onto my blog anymore!!! WHY???!!
So pictures will have to suffice. We went camping and I took a bunch of cute videos of this little guy pushing the broom around. Let me tell you this guy is definitely domesticating. His favorite toys are the washer and dryer, the broom, and the plunger, naturally. He wouldn't play with sticks (Mom! I'll get dirt under my nails) or rocks (I'll just push em around with the broom). His favorite thing to play with were the tongs I was trying to use to turn the tinfoil dinners with oh, and the lighter of course. Pyro.
 We had a good time though. And Juan hardly complained it blew my mind. He told me later that he wanted to complain every 20 minutes he woke up to the sound of his shivering body. But he chose not to ruin it for me. Isn't that sweet?? I enjoyed most of it but realized that without my dad around I have to do all the work. Now I am so grateful for all the camping trips we went on and all the work that my dad did to make it happen. Even though he will say it was his pleasure and that he enjoyed every minute of it, it still was a lot of work. Now I need to pay it forward to my kids so they can have a good time in nature. We do it all for the chance to be completely surrounded by nature. And it is worth it.

We celebrated my niece, Ashtyn's birthday. I love that little girl so much. She is wearing the shirt we gave her and I helped make the cake too. It was kinda thrown together because you can't frost a bundt cake but that is what she wanted. And my sister is obsessed with sunflowers so this is how it turned out. 

The skittles at the bottom are supposed to be a fence. Anyway, we tried :p

My sister has been having car trouble so Marcus and I got to spend the whole day with her little cutie, Lexy Lu. Here they are chasing each other and throwing rocks through the fence.

It's always a good time with these yahoos. They are learning social skills through trial and error. Sometimes I have to peel one of them off of the other but they still get excited to see each other. Don't be fooled by that adorable face Lexy has put on in this picture. She can be just as mischievous as Marcus if not more ;)