Thursday, March 19, 2009

home in 21- married in 29

i've neglected to write in my blog for far too long. planning a wedding and doing my student teaching, and taking 15 credits, and working is no excuse!!
so- here we are. 3 weeks and i will be back in utah and counting down on my fingers to the day of my wedding.
the plans are coming along. you should get your invitation soon. there will be plenty of good eats at the reception.
juano and i are excited to be moving into TVA- that's temple view apartments. right by the temple and minutes from campus- it will become our first one-bedroom-apartment-home.
i graduate in june and juano will have at least 3 more semesters here at BYUH after that. we both love it here so it will be a great place to start out.
without being totally cheesy can i just say that i am super happy and i am marrying the most amazing guy in the world. i never thought things would get this good for me!