Monday, July 19, 2010

14 weeks!!

so...I should be entering that blessed second trimester and I hope I am not getting overly optimistic but....I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!
I even did yoga today! Yay for yoga! do any of you have any pregnancy exercise tips? I do a lot of walking and occasional water aerobics workouts but I would really like to get into yoga and pilates. I'm taking suggestions now.
Lately, I have been feeling round ligament pain which is a doosy at times. I am getting used to it though- it really scared me at first. I guess that is what pregnancy is all about. You have this crazy symptom and your like "WHAT THE HECK!" and then you just gradually learn to live with it.
We are so excited to have our first baby. We learned a lot from our first miscarriage and were so grateful for that experience. We matured a lot and this time around we cherish every moment of my belly growing and doctors appointments and thinking about what we are going to name him/her. I know it sounds weird but I am grateful that I don't always feel awesome too cuz I know that I am doing it for a good cause. Its easy to say now when I don't feel as sick as I have felt.
Well...14 weeks and counting!