Thursday, November 3, 2011

HALLO...When's Christmas?

Carving pumpkins is super fun- I admit. But all the rest of the stuff I've grown not so fond of. Call me a 'bah-hum-bug' but I don't like to dress up myself and go beg for candy. I dressed Marcus up as a giraffe and we knocked on two doors but that was it for the 31st. The fun was had when Jordan, Laura, Dave, Jamie and Nathan came over for chili, scones, pumpkins, donuts and cider.
So I am really looking forward to Christmas this year! What do you want for Christmas? I just can't wait to spend quality time with the fam!

Friday, October 7, 2011


okay not really but i just wanted to warn you.
so lately this little guy can't lie down long enough for me to get his pants on let alone his diaper. oh, and he would rather eat the wipes than let me wipe his bum. he is still at the stage where everything goes in the mouth (other mommies? when does he grow out of this stage?)

regardless of my complaints he still manages to rock my world and he is way more entertaining than tv or youtube or facebook. that is the reason my blogging has tapered off. I'm having too much fun (either that or i'm pulling my hair out cuz he won't go down for a nap!).
latest entertainments include:
1. figuring out how to crawl with a favorite object. he resorts to trying to hold it in his mouth and crawl but it never works because he has to breath heavily and crawl at the same time. MULTITASKING IS HARD!
2. he treats our apartment like an obstacle course- racing from one end of the room to the other and back and around. he wants to try out his standing abilities on every elevated object no matter how tall or small. that means he is sticking his bum in the air while holding on to a flat-on-the-ground book wondering why he's not standing.
3. peek-a-boo is his favorite game. whoever is holding him during this game gets all slapped up for the duration. he just cannot contain his excitement while waiting for you to pop your head up.
4. this one's hilarious! he can wail with is mouth closed! when he is done eating his squash and i mean DONE! he cries with his lips closed. i have yet to get a good picture of this.
5 lastly, i love watching him wrestle with his daddy. this is usually right when juan comes home from work and they are both bursting with excitement to see one another. today was the first time that marcus cried when daddy had to go back to work. not just a whimper-and-forget-about-it cry. he cried for nearly 30 mins while looking at the door.

isn't that sweet?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Too many girls

What's happening to the Y chromosome these days? I mean I have always been a proponent for friendly competition between women and men but this is a whole different realm of competition: X vs. Y.
Poor Marcus will wipe this sweet smile off his face when someday soon he realizes that all of the cousins that are his age are girls. With nobody to play cars and shoot bad guys with he will be one sad kid.
There's Maya, Alexis, Emily, Camilla, Linda (chinita), and now my other sister Laura found out she is going to have a girl too! I'm gonna have to have another boy so that he has someone to play with. (I'm not making any announcements here.)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

HEY! I got my new shoes on and suddenly everything is right!

i love april and may!! and november and december and january and february. ask? cuz april is our wedding anniversary and easter- may is mother's day, november is my birthday, december is christmas, january is my son's birthday, and february is my husbands birthday and valentines day. i like march, june, july, august, september and october too- but lets just talk about april and may right now, okay?
for our anniversary, juan gave me a photo shoot! our friend, leeyen took them at maleakahana beach park and we had so much fun. It was the same day that marcus turned 3 months old too. we love our little bubs- he is such a fun little guy- the joy of our lives.he is getting so big and recently we have had so much fun trying different things to get him to bust a gut. a baby's laugh is the best sound in the world!
I love being a mom and this passed mother's day was officially my first. the greatest gift in the world is of course my little bubba but juan also spoiled me. he made me breakfast in bed and gave me chocolates and a lei. AND....he gave me these sweet new shoes!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kuhio day at the beach

It was Bubba's first day at the beach- a beautiful day at one of my favorite beaches in Hawaii, Waimea Bay. We went with our totally awesome friends: Janelle, Kelepi & Janine, and Rebecca & Tyler. We had such a good time riding the waves and listening to the whales under the water. Incredible, yeah? Bubba was such a good sport. He and our friend's baby, Kilipati are really close in age and get this- he's named after an island. Maybe there is an island for Marcus....and...YES! There is! I just looked it up and there is a Marcus Island. Take that Kilipati!! If you don't believe me check this out....anyway....
Whenever we go to waimea we are reminded of just how much we love hawaii and are going to miss it when we leave. If only we could convince our families to move we would stay here forever!
Whadaya say guys?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Time to say goodbye

to my horse mane. I think this is the longest that my hair has ever been and its thanks to those crazy pregnancy hormones. This is as much as the hubby would let me chop off. She said that she layered it but it doesn't look like it. Does it?
__________________Before____________________________________ After__________________

I'm a long-haired gal- always will be. I don't think I could ever pull off a cute pixie or bob. I don't care if babies pull half my hair out.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

one month old already!!

i can't believe baby marcus is a month old!! its hard to believe because i am still trying to recover from delivering him. -_-
well here are a bunch of pictures of our growing boy. he is such a adorable precious little soul. we are crazy about him. it seems like every morning we are surprised at how different he looks.
despite what you might gather from this picture- he loves to take baths. he just doesn't like how cold it is when he has to get out of the bath.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our precious baby...

Marcus Bradley Gomez was born @2:10 am January 22, 2011, 10 lbs. 1 oz., 22 inches @ Moanalua Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. Many people asked me if I was having twins and now I know why... Here is my basketball belly picture right before we went to the hospital. I have a smile on my face because I had a scheduled induction. I was already dilated 4 cm. for over 3 weeks so doc gave us the go ahead to be induced. It was time to speed things up even though I was only 5 days over my due date. Its a good thing we were induced-otherwise- 11 pounds anyone?
This is right before they hooked up the oxytocin- calm before the storm. I was a little scared to be induced but everything went just fine until my contractions were 1 minute apart and very painful. I started to get very tingly in my feet and hands and very light headed. That's when they checked me and I was at a 7 so I had to decide between an epidural or IV. Luckily I chose the epidural otherwise I don't think I would have been able to push my sweet little 10 pounder out.Cone-head baby Marcus. Poor thing was stuck in the birth canal for 2 1/2 hours. We did it Baby! Everyone gasped when the nurse announced "10 pounds and 1 ounce". I couldn't believe it! I started to believe it when the doctor who was stitching me up kept asking the nurse for more and more thread. He wouldn't tell me how many stitches I had. He also wouldn't tell me that they were considering a C-section...he just kept whispering to the nurse the whole time I was pushing. Interesting- I've heard that a lot of women yell at their husbands when they are in labor- well, I yelled at my doctor. No joke. Oh- and Juan kicked the nurse out of the room when she came in to try to move me to another room right after I had fainted. I have a little theory that A LOT of night nurses either hate their shift and take it out on the patients or they aren't good nurses so they have to take the crap shift. I say a lot because my aunty is a night nurse and I am sure she makes the exception.This was our first car ride. Coming home from the hospital. He was a bobble head baby in the back seat of our old clunker. We made it home safely and ever since have been getting to know each other and loving almost every minute of it. Thanks to my mom and Juan's mom we have been able to adjust well. They are both gone now so we are gonna have to figure things out on our own. It is going to be hard to mimic grandma's special touch. We are still very immature, impatient young guns- we have a lot to learn.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tomorrow could be the big day!

i've been telling myself that for the past 6 weeks. my doctor tricked me into thinking that i might have baby marcus early by putting me on bed-rest back in the middle of december. i was dilated 2 centimeters then and ever since have been slowly dilating up to a 4 (could be 5-its all subjective) now and 4 days over my due date. i've been stretching, swimming and walking my little bum off in the hopes to kick-start labor but to no avail.
i have made it a point to try to enjoy myself though. i made it through a temple session with mom and juano- to the amazement of all present. i only had to pee once during the session.
on monday, we went to the north shore when we got word of 20 foot waves. we were sitting on the beach and a little girl ran by and said, "mommy, mommy! that lady has a big ball in her shirt." she was utterly confused when i tried to explain to her that it was a baby but i couldn't take it out to prove it. i'll let her own mother explain that one. i tried once to explain it to my nephew nathan after he asked me why i swallowed my baby. haha! kids- so innocent.
so my pregnancy could come to an end and motherhood could begin TOMORROW!! my doctor schedule me to be induced and i have to call at 6 am to make sure there is room for me. i hope we can all sleep tonight. juano is as giddy as a 5 year old at disneyland. and me? i'm excited too... nervous- but i can't wait to meet my new little guy.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


i know i am crazy because i am due in less than two weeks but i got a new job!

NO- not a stay at home mom- although that is my first priority. i am an online instructor for an international English course here at BYU Hawaii. i just got the job this morning- it just kinda fell from the sky into my lap (scoot over baby marcus). i am so excited because i can do everything from home- correct assignments, skype, etc. my students live in mongolia, japan, china, taiwan, and the polynesian islands. AWESOME HUH?! it is such a blessing because i might be able to continue to work for BYU Hawaii after juan graduates and we leave. I can teach from home for the rest of my life (maybe).

Anyway- we will see how it goes- we are just really excited for this perfect fit for me right now.

Thanks, baby marcus, for staying inside longer than i wanted you to- it turned out to be a blessing. you can come anytime after saturday, okay?