Tuesday, April 15, 2008


...dat's what I am. a bona fide killer. we went spearfishing and i killed an octopus...*gasp*
I feel no personal shame or guilt about this. But I must keep it a
secret or I will lose my job on security grounds.
...thank you...
my friends kawika, christy, and hayley were my accomplices.
kawika provided the get-away car as well as the weapons. he was
the one who turned him inside out and kild 'im too. he, also, was
the one who speared him. in fact he did everything. so i didn't
kill nothin, nohow. it was great fun, not to say that i take pleasure
in the brutal demise of innocent creatures but....
you go ahead and make your own judgments. my girl, hayleyfighting back. his grip on the spear actually helped kawika catch him.

christy's initial reaction. shock. it was a big'un.
don't be fooled by the innocent look. this is a face of a killer!
redefining sushi.

Monday, April 7, 2008

tall'n ballin

this is me before the winter ball. we went to town (honolulu) and had dinner at a sushi restaurant and then boarded the star of honolulu yacht.yeah- i know i am tall and i should not be allowed to wear 3 inch heals but hey- i was still shorter than my date...
who is 6'2" and ended up being my cane by the end of the night because look what i discovered...
I got taken by the lady that sold me these shoes...she had me believe that my right foot is significantly bigger than my left when really it was the shoes that were the problem. The left was a rightful 9 and the right was an 81/2. i can't take them back because i wore them and the label was ripped off. here's hoping that my right foot shrinks...
in the mean time...i am a monster around my japanese friends and most people for that matter. but i still like the shoes.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

genki sushi

We went to this sushi restaurant in Honolulu and it is just like the ones in Japan! I loved it! they put the sushi on little color coated plates that are different prices and send them down the conveyor belt for you to grab. well we got the bright idea to send my digital camera down the belt and passed all the other customers. it was pretty hilarious.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

going places...

I am moving to TAIWAN for the summer!! call me crazy- well i am! i applied for this summer english teaching program called world passport on a whim. it was super easy to apply and before i knew it i had an interview and today i found out that they want me to come over and teach with them. they are going to pay for my plane ticket and give me a weekly stipend for food and i will stay with a host family who will feed me and take care of me (*cross my fingers*)- i am sure i will be well taken care of. it will be quite an adventure. i am scared to death!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


please allow me to introduce you to my fiance. his name is Munkhtur Enkhbold. here we are in a couple of pictures- i will post more later. he is from mongolia and i met him through my good friend mana. he is living in utah now so all of the fam can meet him before the wedding. mom- i will call you later with his phone number. anyway...i am so happy!! he is the sweetest guy!