Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ryan & Sayuri

My co-worker and friend, Ryan was one of the reasons I came back to Hawaii early from Christmas break. He got married in the Laie Temple and I was one of the very few who attended the sealing. Their pictures are posted in the internet now and if you would like to see them just click on Ryan & Sayuri under 'my peeps' on the right hand side of my blog. There are some beautiful pictures of the temple (I went there today- love it!!) and also Laie Point where I had my accident (69 stitches). Anyway, Ryan and I are in a lot of classes together because we are both TESOL majors and he is planning on living in Japan for a good part of his life because his wife is Japanese and he is going to be an english teacher. We will probably meet up in Japan one day! He is a sweet guy- served his mission in LA- Cambodian speaking- his wife served at Temple Square. She is amazing!!

Happily ever after does happen...

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Brynn said...

Hi Amy it's Brynn and I can't believe you haven't heard that it is for sure a boy! We are so excited! Miss you