Wednesday, December 29, 2010


juano and i went to another appointment today and doc jane checked my cervix again...two weeks ago she checked for the first time and i was 2 centimeters i am 3 centimeters!! we are moving along folks!
she suggested that we go for a trial run to the hospital so we did. baby marcus will be born at the Moanalua Hospital in Honolulu which is super nice. we think they just renovated it- the halls are really wide and it is very clean and quiet. we will have a private labor room that is super nice and roomy. so hopefully pics will come soon of that....
our christmas was....okay. to be honest i got bummed out a bit. we both had to work christmas eve...juan got home at 1 am. we went to the beach tho- it was nice to get in the water and feel
weightless. these are our friends janelle and mike. juano and mikey had fun catching some waves- it was fun to watch them. but i'm sorry to say it- this is not how you should spend christmas. period.

we went to the temple last week. it has been so nice now that it is open. i never wrote about the open house and dedication- it was wonderful. President Monson came of course and there was an awesome spirit in Laie the whole time he was here. a storm was suppose to hit but enough prayers must have kept it at bay. the weather was calm and beautiful for the prophet. the temple looks so different inside- it is so beautiful. we live just one block away from the temple- we can almost see it from our bedroom window!! I love it

Thursday, December 9, 2010


My friend LeeYen took these shots of me and baby Marcus. I am a lot bigger now at nearly 35 weeks! the end is very close!!