Monday, October 25, 2010

we gots a pumpkin!

yesterday we went to one of the only pumpkin patches in hawaii and whadayaknow- they grow excellent pumpkins on the island. there were hundreds of people there and plenty of 'em to go around. it was a very hard decision but made easier when we found one that balanced on juan's head. TA-DA! isn't it gorgeous?

look how cute the little baby one is too! now, would you say our pumpkin is medium, large or extra large? well procedure is you go pick your pumpkin in the field and then take it over to the tables not to be weighed but priced just by the looks of it. we didn't have a lot of cash so we just hoped that it would be considered a large (large pumpkins were $8-$10). so look closely at this picture:
juan (on the far left) and mike in the middle are both holding up pumpkins of similar girth- are they not? so get this- they both walk up to the table for pricing and they guy says to juan, "ten dollars" and then to mike, "for that one 15 dollars." hahaha! don't they look the same size? then to top it off- i ask "what about for this little one?" and he says "for you its free- cuz your expecting." sorry mikey, pregnant rights are just not in your favor.
my theory is the man was fooled by an optical illusion. put a juan-sized-man next to a large pumpkin and a mike-sized-man next to a pumpkin of the exact size and VIOLA! the pumpkin next to my husband looks smaller and therefore we save a little cash.
all i need now is to figure out other ways to take advantage of this happy happenstance.

Monday, October 18, 2010

found out today...

that i am anemic.
now what?
oh, that's right. iron pills. yay.
ah well. as long as i can have my 3 giant size cups of crushed ice at work everyday- i'm happy.

Monday, October 11, 2010


ahhhh....the wonderful things that make my mouth water...these would have to be the four major ones....
my first craving was chocolate milk. one night- i think it was just as i was getting over my morning sickness- i just HAD to have some chocolate milk. we went to the store and bought the 7 DOLLAR gallon of the dang stuff and i drank it in 2 days (well i drank about 3/4 of it- i couldn't stop juano from helping me)
2ND. when i was in utah as we were driving on the freeway there was a lot of construction going on so there were these massive piles of dirt. I HAD TO HAVE SOME!! the dirt looked so good- i drooled all over myself and yes...i did give into the craving a little...*shame*...i licked a rock. doesn't this look soooooo yummy? i only wish it tasted as good as it looks -_-
my THIRD craving has been ice. the ranch (where i work) has the best crushed ice in the world and i chomp on at least 3 giant sized cups of it a day while i am working. it is so irresistible. I knew it was a full-fledged craving today when i was so excited to get to work- on a monday, mind you- and the first thing i did was go and fill up a cup. it had been a long weekend without crushed ice. we just have the hard cubed kind at home. *GASP* i wish i were in roosevelt right now- the frontier grill has the best crushed ice IN THE WORLD!! wow- you see?
and last but not least and totally out of the ordinary: sour candy. weird. i never liked sour candy before...well maybe when i was a kid- just cuz kids like anything sweet. i might have eaten it but i never really liked it. i bought a bag of these succulent little gummy sours today at work and ate the whole bag in about an hour.
they. are. amazing.

so tell me- is there something irreversibly wrong with me? i know that i am a little iron- deficient and YES, i am taking my prenatals and reading labels to find the most iron packed food i can...
so lets hear it ladies...what was the weirdest thing you craved when you had a baby in the boiler?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grandpa Mac

Its about time I write about my grandpa. I have the pictures that I want and I have had the chance to celebrate his life and mourn his loss.
I am so grateful that I was able to go home to funeral of my amazing Grandpa, Joseph Glen McAllister. It was great to reminisce with family and honor his life. He was nearly 95 years old when he died and about to celebrate his 70th wedding anniversary. WOW! that means if i want to live up to him i have to live 67 more years and stay married for another 68 1/2 more years (so i guess that would mean i need to live till I am 96)....anyway....
I love my Grandpa. I have such great memories with him. Look at me on grandpa's wood pile...

this is at grandpa's house in Gunlock, UT. that house was the greatest playground a kid could dream of. grandpa had a big back hard and even a river beyond the yard. he had tons of fruit and nut trees and a ditch to play in when they were irrigating. he spoiled us rotten when we went to visit. we had peaches and cream for breakfast and all the popcorn balls and roasted pinenuts we could ever dream of. this is only the beginning of the memories that i have. i will never forget playing cards with gramps- he was such a tease but always had a sweet smile on his face even though he kicked the crap out of you. i loved it when he would tease grandma until she swore at him and threw her cards down. hearing that sweet chuckle is priceless. Grandpa had a twinkle in his eye- yes a real twinkle that cameras cannot capture.

The funeral was very spiritual. i had the chance to share my memories with the family in the family devotional after the viewing. i shared my experience the night he passed away. i had just talked to mom and she said his condition was really bad. i was about to go to bed but was thinking about him so much i started to cry. my husband put his arm around me and i told him that i wanted my baby (who is in the womb) to meet my amazing grandpa. Juan comforted me with the thought that maybe my grandpa is holding our baby right now. i would not doubt it. in his funeral slide show there were many pictures of grandpa holding babies. i cried every time i saw one. i hope all my future children get to meet my grandpa before they come into our lives. it was so great to celebrate his life and know that he is not suffering anymore. he is 25 again and handsome as a devil!

Almost our whole family came together to attend the funeral. Sarah's family and my husband were the only ones who couldn't make it. Its thanks to grandpa that we have the family that we do. His legacy will live on through my kids and many generations. I love you grandpa!!