Thursday, March 6, 2008

you can call me grandma but don't call me pregnant...

today started off good for me which is a rarity. i usually wallow in self-pity and lament the fact that the morning has once again arrived and i must drag my sorry butt out of bed and scurry off to class. but we are not talking about every other day of the week- we are talking about today....
can i just say- someone got their beauty sleep- and it was me. i looked good and i knew it...and my roommates knew it....and mark chiba in the library noticed it....but the guy at the grocery store...didn't.
i was standing in line to buy my temaki sushi roll and hint-of-lime tostitos when a familiar voice behind me starts busting up. it was gideon, a "good friend" of mine (yeah, right).
"Ho, sis, i taut you was a grandma standin' dea wit dat white sweata an da kine."
yeah, that's right. from behind i look like some grandma!
i blame the latest fashion trends. it seems that long flowy shirts that are comfortable and modest (unsexy or pregnant-looking in male vernacular) kindle comments such as these.
i called him a jerk and walked out of the store all the while laughing at the whole ridiculous scene. why should i take offense to an affront given by someone who's wardrobe consists of "dressy" board shorts, casual board shorts, surfing board shorts, t-shirts and slippers.
oh, and i kid you not about the 'dressy' board shorts. most hawaiians think you are going to the opera or something if you are wearing a nice pair of jeans.

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The Perkins Family said...

Amy! I had lost you, but now you are found! I will add you to me blogs to visit. I love the way you write, you are so funny. Send some sunshine over to Utah when you have a spare moment.