Tuesday, March 4, 2008

happy happy day!!

today is the 4th day of spring...or so my daddy would say. i talked to him on Sunday and he told me that he went for a walk in the winter wonderland that continues to pervade Utah. He said he saw a few blades of grass- EVIDENCE! -that spring is here just in time for his birthday. green is such a blessed gift after so much white. for your birthday gift i will pray for more green to come your way or for you to come its way (rumor has it, there are plans of mom and dad spending their 40th wedding anniversary here, in Hawaii, with me!!).

Here is a birthday hug for you, daddy! i miss you so much!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday eating turkey, stuffing, and pie!! I can't wait to see you in the fall! i wuv you!

love, baby

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