Tuesday, March 11, 2008



Anonymous said...

Cool pic! Why didn't we go there Amos? We had PLENTY of time. Heck, we sat around for most of my trip!

Love you anyway,

shimmyshimmy said...

i didn't know where it was when you came!! we didn't just sit around the whole time!! i gave you a first class tour!! that makes me feel bad!
i guess you are just going to have to come again.
(that last sentence is sad cuz it doesn't have an exclamation point)

The Perkins Family said...

fishing is highly over rated. wading around in the shallows and dangling a little food for the fish, now that's the ticket.

shimmyshimmy said...

did you see the joseph smith movie- why would i want to fish in shallow water?

Nate said...

Hey cousin. Great blog background, thanks for leading me to find a new one. Looks like you are still participating in fun activities that make your parents worry. When are coming back to the homeland?

Life out Here said...

Oh, how I wish I were there. How I wish we had money. How I wish we had jobs. Good jobs. Ones that paid for trips to Hawai'i.

How did you do your background?