Thursday, February 14, 2008

v-day patrol

I have a few good guy friends who all have either girlfriends or wives. So this whole week in anticipation of today's holiday I have been counseling with them about their gift to their girl. should I give her a teddy bear or chocolate or just or rose or......I am starting to feel like the v-day patrol. It is kinda fun to vicariously get into the excitement of such a silly holiday that has all the men grumbling.
For me? it is just another day, another piece of chocolate. that is the lovin I get these days and it is quite fulfilling I must say. I tell my cohorts that I am having an affair with food these days and it is sustaining my emotional needs. You think I'm joking don't you. Well, I'm not. Lately, I have been having way to much fun trying out new recipes and making up interesting concoctions (one failed miserably-dang artichokes). Last night it was Gyudon (a different kind of teriyaki than I typically make) and I made oreo cheesecake last week-yum! I found a new recipe of cheesecake that I want to try- a Japanese friend of mine gave me a piece that I literally slobbered all over. OH! I eat a little bit of homemade humus almost every single day- that says somethin for my humus making skills(it's pretty darn good)!
So, I would have to say the the relationship is going pretty well thus far. I am just enjoying finding new recipes and trying them out and sharing them with roommates. OOOH! They are going to love my bran muffins!


saschub said...

I would suggest a South of the Boarder Lasagna. Instead of tomato paste brown hamburger add chopped tomato (roma) and green pepper cook til slightly soft (pepper) add spicy enchilada sauce.

To layer... noodles meat (mix rocatta with spicy chili beans) then top with mexican cheese add another layer. Finish with a layer of noodles meat sauce and cheese. Make the day before so that you don't ahve to cook the noodles and back just like a reg lasagna. I serve it with sour cream diced avocado and fresh pico de gio (spelling anyone)... it is extra yummy!

Anonymous said...

Your bran muffins taste like plywood. (name that movie)

I loved your comment, 'it is just another day, another piece of chocolate'. That's probably as valid a way to sum up V Day as any other! I'm pretty sure I've been having an affair with food all my life. Who can forget the times when I would be at the dinner table 30-40 minutes before we ate? But my culinary affair would certainly be more meaningful if you were here to be my personal chef - cooking me all those yummy Japanese dishes you're expert at. Alas, I shall have to content myself with the bachelor fare: frozen dinners, pizza, and 100-ways-to-fix-ramen.

Lagging in Logan

shimmyshimmy said...

while you were sleeping. my mashed potatoes are so creamy.