Sunday, February 10, 2008

'This is going to sound terrible'

I had an amazing date last night.

Yes, thats right. I.....had.....a date!!

His name is Denzil and he is from Fiji. As gorgeous if not more gorgeous than the Denzel. ( look at those eyes!) He is super friendly and very musically talented- we went to an open mic night thing and he and some of the other guys in our group took over the whole thing and showed everyone up with their own renditions of "When you say nothin at all" (Allison Kraus) and "I wanna go home" (Michael Buble). Anyway, he is basically amazing and the sweetest guy ever- I mean I am just thoroughly impressed with this guy.
Except for one thing....

He has a girlfriend.

Yes, that was a period after that last sentence...

He has a girlfriend PERIOD!

Okay, all of you who are thoroughly confused- raise your hand... My hand is in the air too.

So what? I went on a date with a taken man AND I had a good time- whats the big deal?

Okay- I am sorry- I am just having way too much fun with this. I will tell you what happened- that is the name of my blog right? here it goes...

Yesterday morning I went to a beach clean-up service activity. It was really awesome- there were like 300 people there and we really made Malekahana beach look amazing. I ran into some friends and while we were chatting it up after the clean-up one of them turned to me (Denzil) and said, "This is going to sound terrible but... its my friends birthday party tonight and we are all going to dinner and my girlfriend (pause for effect) can't go so I was wondering if you would like to go?"


I honestly didn't know how to respond so I made up some lame excuse and told him to call me later on that day to see if I still had it open. I left the activity and walked the beach deep in thought. Why shouldn't I go? There is no obligation. No second date. A free I talked myself into it.

And I had a great time. It felt so good to go on a super relaxed date and Denzil really helped me not hate men. There really are some great guys out there- isn't that super funny that I would say that after going out with a guy that already has a girlfriend? go figure.

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squishlau said...

i love this story. doesn't the lord show us his love in mysterious ways?! it reminds me of a date i went on with a danish guy i met at the olympics. he had a on again/off again girlfriend in denmark but asked me out. we went to dinner and i don't think i ever had such a great time! it was one of the first dates after my engagement ended and it was the greatest blessing ever. it helped me not completely swear off men.