Wednesday, January 5, 2011


i know i am crazy because i am due in less than two weeks but i got a new job!

NO- not a stay at home mom- although that is my first priority. i am an online instructor for an international English course here at BYU Hawaii. i just got the job this morning- it just kinda fell from the sky into my lap (scoot over baby marcus). i am so excited because i can do everything from home- correct assignments, skype, etc. my students live in mongolia, japan, china, taiwan, and the polynesian islands. AWESOME HUH?! it is such a blessing because i might be able to continue to work for BYU Hawaii after juan graduates and we leave. I can teach from home for the rest of my life (maybe).

Anyway- we will see how it goes- we are just really excited for this perfect fit for me right now.

Thanks, baby marcus, for staying inside longer than i wanted you to- it turned out to be a blessing. you can come anytime after saturday, okay?


Jana Perkins said...

Congrats! Sounds like a wonderful oppurtunity and blessing. Good luck with the birth. I'm so anxious to hear how it went and to see your little man.

Jeana said...

That is awesome! I'm also blessed to be able to work from home and take care of the little miss. Heavenly Father really watches out for his little ones...and his big ones too :)

Also, you look amazing pregnant. He looks like a little volleyball on your skinny frame. I'm sure he doesn't feel like a volleyball :)

Sharene said...

Wow that is great! What a perfect job. Isn't it great how sometimes you get blessed to be able to work from home? I feel so blessed to have that opportunity! Can't wait to see pictures of that cute baby!!