Friday, October 7, 2011


okay not really but i just wanted to warn you.
so lately this little guy can't lie down long enough for me to get his pants on let alone his diaper. oh, and he would rather eat the wipes than let me wipe his bum. he is still at the stage where everything goes in the mouth (other mommies? when does he grow out of this stage?)

regardless of my complaints he still manages to rock my world and he is way more entertaining than tv or youtube or facebook. that is the reason my blogging has tapered off. I'm having too much fun (either that or i'm pulling my hair out cuz he won't go down for a nap!).
latest entertainments include:
1. figuring out how to crawl with a favorite object. he resorts to trying to hold it in his mouth and crawl but it never works because he has to breath heavily and crawl at the same time. MULTITASKING IS HARD!
2. he treats our apartment like an obstacle course- racing from one end of the room to the other and back and around. he wants to try out his standing abilities on every elevated object no matter how tall or small. that means he is sticking his bum in the air while holding on to a flat-on-the-ground book wondering why he's not standing.
3. peek-a-boo is his favorite game. whoever is holding him during this game gets all slapped up for the duration. he just cannot contain his excitement while waiting for you to pop your head up.
4. this one's hilarious! he can wail with is mouth closed! when he is done eating his squash and i mean DONE! he cries with his lips closed. i have yet to get a good picture of this.
5 lastly, i love watching him wrestle with his daddy. this is usually right when juan comes home from work and they are both bursting with excitement to see one another. today was the first time that marcus cried when daddy had to go back to work. not just a whimper-and-forget-about-it cry. he cried for nearly 30 mins while looking at the door.

isn't that sweet?


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mmmmmmmmmmmmmm very nice, love my tongue deep in that hole, give him a couple of years and I want my c=ck in him