Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tomorrow could be the big day!

i've been telling myself that for the past 6 weeks. my doctor tricked me into thinking that i might have baby marcus early by putting me on bed-rest back in the middle of december. i was dilated 2 centimeters then and ever since have been slowly dilating up to a 4 (could be 5-its all subjective) now and 4 days over my due date. i've been stretching, swimming and walking my little bum off in the hopes to kick-start labor but to no avail.
i have made it a point to try to enjoy myself though. i made it through a temple session with mom and juano- to the amazement of all present. i only had to pee once during the session.
on monday, we went to the north shore when we got word of 20 foot waves. we were sitting on the beach and a little girl ran by and said, "mommy, mommy! that lady has a big ball in her shirt." she was utterly confused when i tried to explain to her that it was a baby but i couldn't take it out to prove it. i'll let her own mother explain that one. i tried once to explain it to my nephew nathan after he asked me why i swallowed my baby. haha! kids- so innocent.
so my pregnancy could come to an end and motherhood could begin TOMORROW!! my doctor schedule me to be induced and i have to call at 6 am to make sure there is room for me. i hope we can all sleep tonight. juano is as giddy as a 5 year old at disneyland. and me? i'm excited too... nervous- but i can't wait to meet my new little guy.


Shel said...

hope it all goes smoothly... can't wait to see pictures of the new little family!

Sharene said...

I love your pregnancy pictures! Very cute.

chelsea said...

Nice pictures!
Even if you're pregnant, you still looks gorgeous!

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Isaak and Jackie said...

Well since there haven't been any posts lately I take it you have had your sweet baby boy! Congrats. Way to sport the bikini, my pregnant belly and body never looked that good.

juano said...

haha- my dad thought it was a bikini too...i just pulled my top up because it was too uncomfortable and i didn't want to buy a new swimsuit. I turned to the side so you couldn't see my stretch marks...tee hee