Monday, October 25, 2010

we gots a pumpkin!

yesterday we went to one of the only pumpkin patches in hawaii and whadayaknow- they grow excellent pumpkins on the island. there were hundreds of people there and plenty of 'em to go around. it was a very hard decision but made easier when we found one that balanced on juan's head. TA-DA! isn't it gorgeous?

look how cute the little baby one is too! now, would you say our pumpkin is medium, large or extra large? well procedure is you go pick your pumpkin in the field and then take it over to the tables not to be weighed but priced just by the looks of it. we didn't have a lot of cash so we just hoped that it would be considered a large (large pumpkins were $8-$10). so look closely at this picture:
juan (on the far left) and mike in the middle are both holding up pumpkins of similar girth- are they not? so get this- they both walk up to the table for pricing and they guy says to juan, "ten dollars" and then to mike, "for that one 15 dollars." hahaha! don't they look the same size? then to top it off- i ask "what about for this little one?" and he says "for you its free- cuz your expecting." sorry mikey, pregnant rights are just not in your favor.
my theory is the man was fooled by an optical illusion. put a juan-sized-man next to a large pumpkin and a mike-sized-man next to a pumpkin of the exact size and VIOLA! the pumpkin next to my husband looks smaller and therefore we save a little cash.
all i need now is to figure out other ways to take advantage of this happy happenstance.


loasizzle said...

It just seems wierd that there aren't any leaf color-changing trees around or frost on the ground. We got snow this morning!

Janelle said...

All I can say stink. Period.

shimmyshimmy said...

Oh Janelle! How bout we make you guys dinner on Friday to make up for it. You don't have to bring a thing...oh wait- you do...your world famous 7 layer dip, por favor. Don't hate girlfriend! We love you!