Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What takes 6 hours to bake and 6 hours to puree?

why a real pumpkin of course! and don't ask me why but i just HAD to do it! so i did! call it a crazy pregnancy urge/craving- or maybe its because it might be the last time that i will actually have time to do such a thing. so here is the carnage....
so the 'how to' is on my recipe blog (click here). my husband wanted to ring my neck by the time i nearly finished puree-ing all of the pumpkin chunks- i kid you not- it took me 6 hours or more to de-skin it and blend it up. but let me tell you...the pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie have been worth the back ache. i have a pie baking as i type and the aroma alone is worth it. even though i will never do it again (maybe).

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Kylie said...

i wanted to do that!! so fun!