Sunday, August 17, 2008


its monday and i only have one week left in taiwan...aaaahh!! i am definitely going to miss it here. for my last week of teaching i am at a very small school called Nanke and i love my students already. mondays are usually total junk for me...i'm sick, i have 24 new pairs of eyes gawking at me and asking me for my msn, did i say i am throat is killing me! i think it is from the exhaust of the scooters and the constant switch from unbearable heat to cold, cold air conditioners. what am i doing complaining about air conditioning? it is going to be hard to leave after this week because i really love my class. the students are really smart and they work hard. I LOVE TAIWAN!!

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saschub said...

where oh where has shimmyshimmy gone???? You need to continue posting on your blog... those of us who are wondering what you are up to miss seeing your posts! Love ya! Shel