Friday, July 18, 2008

things I am still not used to after 3 weeks in Taiwan.

10. Squatters. i've missed, i've toppled, i've cramped and i've held it until a western toilet can be found.
9. Happy Singing Trucks. these garbage collecting or ice cream selling trucks have just gotta go. they come around right by my window at the most inopportune times.
8. coagulated duck blood. need i say more? (see picture: coagulated duck blood next to tofu)
7. my host dad teaching me how to use a spoon
6. my host dad teaching me how to use an umbrella
5. my host dad teaching me how to say 'thank you' in chinese. (uh... i say it all the time but he still insists on teaching me. i am not as stupid as i look!)
4. my host dad telling me when to take a shower, wake up, and go to the bathroom.
3. walking in the streets when cars and scooters are whizzing by- narrowly taking my feet out from under me.
2. the smell of stinky tofu.
1. no flushing of toilet paper. (every public restroom smells like pee and poo cuz the trash cans are full of crap, literally.)this is my class from this past week. I love these girls!! I teach at Hung Ren High School.


Jeana said...

ish...I just got the heebies looking at that Duck word..."why?" There are so many things in this world to eat, why would they choose that? ha ha...Hope you're enjoying yourself, but I'm sure its not near as nice as Hawaii!

Shelbot said...

I'm sorry, but just the word "squatters" is pretty much enough to make me gag.

Life out Here said...

I love all the peace signs. Classic.