Tuesday, August 19, 2008

bathroom humor

TAIWAN HAS TURNED ME INTO A POTTY MOUTH! and i mean literally. this restaurant adds new meaning to the phrase. it is called modern toilet and can only be found in taiwan. it was so ironic, yesterday, i got a random forwarded email from my friend robyn. it just had a bunch of pictures of people eating out of miniature toilets and urinals. i was showing some of the people that i work with and misha, my supervisor told me that she knows where that restaurant is here in tainan. i was like..."you mean it is here?!" yes, of course. i got super excited...to eat out of a toilet...and made her take me there, even tho she was disgusted about the whole idea. i try to load more pictures on this blog and it doesn't work...anyway we had a lot of fun playing around with our food in the urinals and toilets. my dish was served in a tub so i wasn't that grossed out. it was fun. oh, mom, i bought you a toilet magnet for the fridge- i will send it to you...


moosh in indy. said...

I'm sitting here wondering how I could get one of those little babies installed in my house for the moosh. But in pink please.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not texting that pic to me in the middle of the night.....


And I thought I was the only potty mouth in the family.

Love you,


Sharene said...

sounds gross!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Amy
I'm Keybo!

I keep watching your blog but
always forget to leave a message.

gomen :p

I know where this restaurant is.

OK I'll send u a email later~!

see u~!