Friday, May 29, 2015

One month, 20 months, and 52 months

 May 24, 2015 
Those are the ages of my sweet babies. 
Nainoa I thriving. He is filling out some of his clothes. Wearing size one diapers and eating like hungry happy puppies. And that is what we call him. Puppies. We only call him that because Melia calls him that. And everything else.
She is starting to say more words now. Grandma and grandpa are here and they read to her all she wants. So the point to things in the books and say then out loud and she sometimes repeats. So she says duck, apple, eat, all the animal sounds and much more. She still loves to eat. Yesterday, we were outside in the front playing basketball with Marcus and Melia was on the tricycle. I needed to go in to check on baby Nai so I told juan, "keep and eye on Tita, I don't want the mosquitos eating her alive." Then she jumped off the tricycle and started following me exclaiming "eat!" She thought I was heading back inside to get more food. Right after dinner! That girl. If someone is in the kitchen, she's in the kitchen. If the fridge or pantry opens she rushes in. 
Back to Nainoa. He has quite a lot of baby acne but I think it is clearing up a little. He is quite a handsome fella. He can now follow a moving object with his eyes and turn his head toward someone. I love it when I'm feeding him and he squirms and grunts until a little fart escapes his little body. After he eats I lay him on my chest and he stretches his little arms and curls his legs up underneath him. His mouth opens wide and he sometimes twitches. Sweet baby sleep. 
Marcus went on his first one-in-one outing with Bumpa! They went to Brazos bend and got to see alligators in the lake. He also got to pet a little baby alligator. He loved going alone with grandpa and the best part was that grandpa bought him some Oreos out of the vending machine. 
I had my first migraine this week and it was the most horrible experience. I couldn't eat or sleep and the pain was excruciating! I tried so many things to alleviate it: diffuse peppermint, ibuprofen, ice packs, hot Epsom salt bath, propped up sleeping, and more pills. Finally I called my midwife Bernadette and the nurse said to come into the clinic. Juan drove me there. I felt like throwing up all day and Juan's driving sent me over the edge. I threw up right outside the door to the birth center. 
They hooked me up to an IV and Bernadette started dumping oils on me. She put frankincense on top of my head and forehead, peppermint on my cheeks and eucalyptus on my chest. It was kind of oil overload but I started feeling tingly in my hands and feet. The toxins were leaving my body. I got cold from the IV fluids so she covered me and put rice bags all over my body. Then she started massaging my head. It felt so wonderful. Like she was extracting all of the pain. I'm so grateful for Bernadette. She is a lifesaver. She talked with us while she was working on me. She said she loved nainoas picture so much that she framed it and put it in one of her birth rooms. That was very flattering. We were happy to leave though.

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