Monday, March 1, 2010


we survived a false alarm.
Saturday morning at 4 am-loud knock at the door. our elders quorum leader.
-_- sleep -_-
6 am- the sirens go off.
-_- sleep -_-
8 am- gather stuff together and prepare for the arrival of 3 feet of water in the house.
-_- sleep -_-
10 am- pack our stuff out of the house and climb the hill behind the temple.
-_- sleep -_-
12 pm- get word that all is well and pack our stuff back to the apartment.
-_- sleep -_-

it was quite an uneventful event. in the end we realized how much it would suck if we had to spend 3 days on that hill with our limited 72 hour kit. so lets just hope and pray that there won't be a next time and our lives will remain uneventful.


Sharene said...

Glad you are okay and it was only a false alarm!

Isaak and Jackie said...

yea for false alarms, I was so nervous when Joey sent the text of the tsunami I was scared. I know the excitement you feel though when a natural disaster is headed your way.