Thursday, March 25, 2010

Juano's Birthday...

did happen...a month ago. that doesn't mean i can't blog about it.
so, it was kind of an ironic/pathetic day to be totally honest. we had made plans with friends to play volleyball but they flaked on us the night before leaving us with no plans. so we went up to turtle bay anyway to see if some random volleyballers were there.
no luck.
so we went to juano's favorite beach- Castles- to try to body board. but it was too flat for waves on that 20th day of february.
so we went home and just chilled. juano's family called him and my family called him with birthday wishes and i made a lasagna dinner complete with garlic bread and salad (and of course birthday cake- prom cake).
juano was a little disappointed about how his day turned out but i had a little surprise for him after dinner. a bunch of our friends stood at our window at precisely the time we finished our last bites. they belted out happy birthday through the window as juan shyly answered the door. we dragged him out of the house blind folded and handed him a stick.
we had a fun time taking turns whacking away at this cute little soccer ball.

Our friends from left to right: Jackeline, Jackeline Jr., David and Arielle Westman, Asala, Aissa, Baby Rayden, Yuka, Mike Parker (in front with the stick), me, juano, Miles Smith, Amber and Jason Poulter, Aushra and Rene Ledesma.


loasizzle said...

What a fun party. Wish we could have been there! Jamie really wants a pinata for her b-day. Wish ya-all could come and play with us! Love ya, Laura

Jeana said...

Ah man! Who flakes out on Volleyball? That is certainly not an option in our household. We would have played with you for your husbands b-day. Looks like it ended up pretty fun. So do you and Juano want to come back to Utah for the Summer and play in the 4's league with us??? :)

Isaak and Jackie said...

what lameos ditching you on the his birthday so happy the night ended well. I love the wedding picture at the top, still so jealous that you were married in the St. George temple.