Tuesday, November 11, 2008

elbow to the face!!

i used to just blog about funny random things that happened to me...i need to get back in the habit...juano and i went to the PCC night show last night and we were just like a normal couple- holding hands and enjoying the entertainment when juano decides to put his arm around me. i guess i was sitting a little too tall at the time and he wound up and clocked me with his elbow right in the face.
i just started laughing but he, feeling idiotic, smacked his fist to his forehead (i love it when he does that- it only happens when he does something stupid....so it happens a lot- tee hee, jokes). he apologized profusely but all i could do was laugh about it...what else can you do?


Stafford Family said...

hope there was no perminent damage..sounds like you two are having a blast. Ike came really close to kicking me in the crouch after we had first met.

Jana Perkins said...

That has sooo happened to me too! An old boyfriend (not Daniel) clocked me in the nose with his elbow trying to put his arm around me. I saw stars for a while and tears came down my face, partly because of the pain but I was laughing too.

Life out Here said...

LOL- sounds like this happens to everyone, how funny! Guess you have to experience it to know they're keepers. Ha ha. Doug, on the first night I hung out with him and his friends (like he took me in a car somewhere- we weren't dating yet), playfully kicked a bottled water in my general direction while we were at his friends house all gathered together. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't general at all, but instead ended up smacking me right in the nose. Hard. Everyone laughed but him, ha ha!

On a good note, I still have payback for it coming one of these days hee hee hee. =)