Monday, June 16, 2008

talla than ka'ala

This is from the the top of Mount Ka'ala, the highest point on Oahu. This picture really doesn't do it justice though. It was gorgeous up there. We could see the North Shore, West side and all the way to Honolulu from the top. It was pretty amazing.These are the ridges that lead out to Ka'ena point the northwest tip of the island.
Hard to tell in this picture but it is Honolulu in the far distance and Mililani down there in the valley.
It was such a perfect day. This is the view we saw for most of the hike. North Shore. Amazing
Angry Aaron. We had to climb up with the help of ropes for most of the hike. It was pretty intense.
But definitely worth all 11 miles and 2,500 ft elevation gain. I love climbing mountains!


Jackie and Ike Stafford said...

Amazing pictures Amy, looks like life is so enjoyable for you. Hey my sister Joey and her family just moved to Hawaii at the beginning of this month. Her husband is doing is residency at the base hospital. You should try to hook up.

Life out Here said...

I wrote a song about your adventures, but I'm not sharing it until I get it copyrighted.


It's not fair. I should be doing this, too. WHY!? WHYYYYYYYY!?!??!!!