Saturday, June 21, 2008

most incredible thing i have ever seen in my life...

...was this! no, i didn't find this video on youtube...I TOOK IT MYSELF!
words cannot be found for how amazing it!We actually swam with dolphins!! In the wild!! At one time there were at least 50 around us. They swim really close together and there is rarely one swimming solo and the ones that did were the biggest of the group...maybe the males protecting the group. They are such incredible creatures. There was a little baby hiding under the tail of his mother and occasionally he would swim circles around her to test out his acrobatics. It was so adorable. We saw them jump out of the water from below. They have to get a good running start before they jump-its incredible to watch. One of them was showing off big time and jumping 6 feet out of the watter spinning like a crazy He was really good at it. I wish I could have gotten it on video. We are definitely going out again...this is one of my favorite pictures. I can't believe I took it! Pure luck- the picture at least. The whole experience was a definite blessing. But it came with a price...we were exhausted after chasing the dolphins around. It was even pointless to do so because we only saw them when they came to us. They were kind enough to grace us with their presence. Dolphins have got to be the most friendly loving creatures in the world!!Those of you coming to my graduation in June next year can count on doing this...maybe more than once. It has to be the most incredible experience. And it is free!! The best things in life are free...blessings from our Heavenly Father. His existence is more real to me could I doubt...we are gonna go again next week. GOD LIVES!!


Sharene said...

That is awesome Amy! What an experience. Sometimes I wished we lived in Hawaii!

Life out Here said...

Well, I guess it's cool. But this week I went to the zoo and I saw an African squirrel. It was eating nuts and everything. I would have taken pictures and a video of it, but the glass cage it was in just reflected back at me, so it was like SUPER impossible- totally pro material to capture. The habitat was so realistic, I could have been in Africa right then and there. And if I turned the other way, I was like, WHOA- I'm in a totally different country- in the Antarctic with REAL penguins, capturing their true essence. It was totally amazing. But I guess you have to make the best of what you have there in Hawaii, a bunch of wild dolphins swimming in the open ocean. Too bad they weren't trained or something, that would have made your free trip worthwhile.

HAHAHHAHA! Ahhhhh, I kill myself.

Monster said...

yeah, that is so awesome Amy. I loved those photos you took. You are going to Taiwan this summer hun? Take tons of photos and post please.
Okay Girl, God be with you always.