Tuesday, April 15, 2008


...dat's what I am. a bona fide killer. we went spearfishing and i killed an octopus...*gasp*
I feel no personal shame or guilt about this. But I must keep it a
secret or I will lose my job on security grounds.
...thank you...
my friends kawika, christy, and hayley were my accomplices.
kawika provided the get-away car as well as the weapons. he was
the one who turned him inside out and kild 'im too. he, also, was
the one who speared him. in fact he did everything. so i didn't
kill nothin, nohow. it was great fun, not to say that i take pleasure
in the brutal demise of innocent creatures but....
you go ahead and make your own judgments. my girl, hayleyfighting back. his grip on the spear actually helped kawika catch him.

christy's initial reaction. shock. it was a big'un.
don't be fooled by the innocent look. this is a face of a killer!
redefining sushi.


Sharene said...

Can I just say that is gross! I am so not a fish person! YUCK! I'm glad that you are enjoying yourself though. Also you look beautiful in the below picture of you going to the winter ball!

Life out Here said...

The faces you make are CLASSIC.