Thursday, February 27, 2014

The hotel potty debacle

Poor Marcus. He just wanted to go potty in the middle of the night. What happened is sad yet totally hilarious.
We are in the process of moving to Houston, Texas. This week we packed and moved out of our house, cleaned it, checked out and hopped on a plane with our 2 babies, Melia and Marcus. We had a late flight so the kids slept most of the way. When we arrived to our hotel we had to carry Marcus up to our room and lay him on the couch. He is a very deep sleeper so he had no idea where he was. So in the middle of the night, he needed to go potty so he ran to the nearest door, opened it and expected to find a toilet. Instead, he was in the hallway of our hotel, locked out of the room. So, out of necessity he dropped his pants and peed on the carpet. Then he looked over and saw the elevator buttons. Oooh, buttons. He loves to push buttons. So he pushed the buttons and got in the elevator and went down to the lobby. Commando style.
Moments later, Nano and I were rudely awakened by the phone ringing. I remember thinking, 'what the heck kind a hotel calls at this hour!' It was around 3 am. I picked up the phone and handed it to Juan. The guy asked, "do you have a son named Marcus?" Juan was like, 'yes,' wondering what this was all about. "Well, Mr. Gomez, your son is down here half naked wandering around looking for you." I've never before witnessed nano jump out of bed so fast. We were so confused.
He got dressed and went outside our room. Seeing Marcus' underwear next to a wet spot on the carpet made it all come together. He hurried down to the lobby and as soon as Marcus saw nano, he started crying. The poor little guy. We were so grateful he didn't get hurt and that he was smart enough to go ask someone for help. We don't even want to think about what could have happened to him. Still, we have been laughing about the whole thing for a few days now.


Janelle Parker said...
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Mikey said...

I'm not the one to read blog posts or leave comments, but this was HILARIOUS. I don't usually find myself laughing as I read something other people write … but this changed it all… thank you Marcus…. THANK. YOU.

Cindy Nguyen said...

This is perhaps the most hilarious post I've read all day. LOL

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The McKnights said...

That's hilarious, and I'm glad he is a smart kid. My sister had a similar experience, but a police man found their son half way down the block. We always put the chain lock on in the hotel room now.