Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giraffy Halloween!!

Marcus is getting really good at his ABC's and what better way to do it than as a giraffe! We had a fun halloween even though we got the sniffles- probably from a sugar overload. Oh and he does know the rest of his ABC's- Juan just started talking on the phone at the end of the video and ruined it. Happy Halloween!


The Johnsons said...

Ahhh so cute!!! Hes getting so big! Love you guys!

Lauren said...

Hey! I saw your message on facebook right before my power went out and I can't find it again...guess I'm showing you how low my facebook IQ is!

Congrats on a new baby on the way! So exciting that we are both having girls. I hope we survive the hot summer :) Love you pictures. Can't wait to see pics of the little lady when she comes!