Monday, April 9, 2012


I love love love love Easter. who doesn't? I almost wish there were more songs and hype about it because it is clearly the second best holiday of the year. This year I didn't get to celebrate at home (in rosytown) which is the best! but...I did have Sarah and her kids to celebrate with which made it awesome. You gotta have candy-craving-kids in order to enjoy the hunt. It was especially fun because I got to play Easter bunny for the first time! I didn't have the slightest idea how fun it could be. Hiding eggs and stealing baskets and candy in true Easter bunny fashion (reference to Uncle Marshal). It was a delight.
And this year we had Marcus and boy did he catch on quick. After observing his big cousins he realized that as soon as you find an egg you start yelling back at the table triumphantly. For him it doesn't matter what you are yell just as long as get back to the group as quickly as you can with the prize egg held high over head. He loved it. Just as much as his first taste of all the delicious kinds of candy coated chocolate and jelly beans. Oh, and did I mention- he already adores eggs- hard boiled eggs. Eats at least one everyday.
Having kids makes holidays especially special. And I am not just talking about for the hunt or the candy. I am so grateful that my little guy will be mine forever. My Savior made it all possible. I love my little family now and can't wait to get to know the rest of the little angels that heaven sends our way. I only hope that I can be a worthy and able mommy to all of them. The sickness that I am feeling right now is quite a trial. I am doing it for our second little one. Jesus suffered for all of us. I am so glad that I can be a part of his plan of happiness in bringing little souls so the earth. The pain and sickness is only temporary. The joy is eternal.
Happy Easter!

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