Wednesday, March 14, 2012

smile wide and drool

I love my little man. ever since i can remember he has been dripping from the mouth like the bulldog in Rio. I think its his happy attitude and hunger some of his favorites include:
cottage cheese
shredded cheese
granola bars
I could go on and on...he is not a picky eater.
Lately, I have felt like we are really communicating effectively. When he wants to go outside he brings me one of his shoes. Then I point to the other shoe and explain that he needs it and so he goes and retrieves it as well. At meal time when he is not happy with one of the options being thrust in his face he looks heavenward as if saying a prayer and puts his hands on his head and under his chin. I abuse this one a little too much cuz I love seeing him squirm and stress out :)
To the relief of both his parents his favorite toys are balls. Big ones, small ones, deflated ones and especially bite size ones. That might be the only reason why he likes grapes.
He is a very independent little guy. It is very hard to get him to hold your hand while walking and he has exhibited frustration when I have tried to help him climb up onto the slide or chair.
He is a fast learner and daredevil (like his mom). He loves naps, the iPhone, and food (like his dad).

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