Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 2 of our Big Island trip

after pealing ourselves off of the church sidewalk we dressed quickly in the car and walked the few steps to the temple. no one noticed us walk away from the church with our sleeping gear so we acted like everything was normal. we enjoyed another session and also doing a bunch of sealings afterward in the tiny temple.
as soon as we got out of the temple we all felt ready to start our next adventure. we stormed the pantry at safeway and hit the road. juano drove as i stuffed turkey and peperjack cheese sandwiches and flaming cheetos down his throat. it was kind of a lengthy drive but well worth it- we were headed for the south point and THE GREEN SAND BEACH!!
this was one of the highlights of our trip- we walked the windy walk to the fabulous green bay and swam our little hearts out in the beautiful water. this is juano's favorite picture of him catching a wave. it was really hard to leave but we were betting to bum a ride back so we ran to the top of the hill before some of the other swimmers hoping they would see us walking and have pity on us. a cute couple with a load of southern hospitality stopped for us. we all piled in the back of their rented jeep. what a ride. we thought we might roll over or worse a couple of times. we did it DAVE style.
after we brushed ourselves off and got comfortable in the car. we jetted over to the lava flow to see if we could get there before sunset. we didn't make it but got to see the glow of the lava flow for our last little adventure of the day. afterwards we went to the Hanza's-our big island friends for a warm bed on the rainy side of the island.


LauraDave said...

We love the green sand beach! Any other news????

LauraDave said...

Yeah, it was great but the waves were huge when we went. We would have been mashed into the beach and become permanent fixtures for all to laugh at. As for doing it "Dave" style... you have no idea!

Anonymous said...

I love how you leave us in suspense by not fully finishing your journey in one post...its like a "to be continued"... ;) I am sure you are very busy and it is fun to see your posts when they do finally come out! ;)

Lauren said...

hey, i didn't know that you have a blog! so exciting! i envy all your hawaii pics...that place is heaven. you definitely deserved a shout out for my mission post. i have such great memories of the mtc with you. thanks for putting up with me and my craziness!