Thursday, May 21, 2009

my new job

I started work a few weeks ago at Kualoa Ranch just a 20 minute drive from home in laie. check out this picture of the 4,000 acres of the working cattle ranch and tourist attraction. the thing I love about this place is the owners won't sell any of the land to developers, even though they have been offered millions for small pieces of it. they want to preserve the land and have actually found some plant species on the land that were considered extinct. It is an amazing part of the island in which many hollywood blockbusters have been filmed as well as the notorious TV series Lost.
anyway, so I work at the information desk in the visitors center. I just answer questions about tours and the surrounding area and check in guests and keep a big smile on my face everyday. I love my job so far! I get to use my japanese and play little tricks on the unassuming Japanese tourists. today a family came in and one of them spoke really good English so he was asking me questions and then translating for his family. they would ask him questions in japanese and then he asked me in english. When we finished up and they decided which tour to take the sister asked him where the restrooms were and I quickly replied in perfect japanese, "toire wa achira ni arimasu yo!" she just glanced at me with an incredulous look and turned to the direction of the toilet. nobody expects japanese to come out of a haole girl...hahaha!


Sharene said...

That is so funny! I love that. Chuck (Donovan's best friend) had the same type of experience. He is blonde hair/blued eyed boy and he knows Spanish. He was sitting in a restaurant one time and some Mexican women were talking to each other and saying how hot Chuck was. He just kind of smiled to himself because he understood their whole conversation.

Life out Here said...

HA HAH AHA!! That is great. What a pretty place to be working, too. I'm jealous.

Vince said...

That's great place.
What a pretty place to be working, too.

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