Saturday, January 24, 2009

Its about time...

I write in this jewel. It has been nearly 3 months since I last wrote. Sorry ya'll!!
well lets hear it for the updates....YAAAAAAY!
Christmas was here about 2 months ago...did ya'll hear about it? Yeah, it came and went like- WHOA! I spent about a month at home and Juano came to 'meet the parents'...and stitch. Here we are talking a walk with the dog and dad...of course he is behind the camera. It was good times with the fam and I think everyone pretty much adores Uncle Wall-e, TioJuano, Tiajuana, etc.
While I was home I also had a Bridal Shower with family and friends. Thanks Brynley, Laura and Mom for organizing it and making it so fun. I was glad I got to see everyone. I missed a few of you tho :( sorry.
So now I am looking forward to April 18th. Mom has been working like a dog to get things ready for the reception and what not. I say who needs a wedding when you can just get married? ....
I guess we gotta all party like its 1969 or something.
I feel bad that I haven't been posting especially in this exciting time of my life. I will look through my recent pictures and try to post more. Hope you still love me!


Isaak and Jackie said...

I still love you but I am bummed because I won't get to be there for any of these special events so please post more. I want to see the happenings

Sharene said...

Of course I still love you. I have missed updates though. I'm excited to see you and get an invitation and all that!

Life out Here said...

I suck cuz I was in FL. At first I was like- wait a freaking sec, Amy had a bridal shower and didn't invite me? And then I remembered that I was 2500 miles away. =(

Do you have everything you need? Photographer, cake, dress, etc.?