Thursday, October 2, 2008

what's the point? hawaii there are a lot....of points. laie point, kaena point, spear-fishing point...pointing tourists...a-point-ments... oh, stop.
this past saturday we made a point to go to kaena point. while we were there we had the oppurtunity to point at this... a monk seal!
brynn and nate- this is what i wanted to show you on that death march through the dark when you were asking, "what's the point?" i am sorry you never got to see it. maybe next june....
dats right...i graduate on JUNE 6TH!! come one come all! you are all invited to it!! just let me know if you are coming.
back to my story...these monk seals are pretty fun to watch especially when they get angry at curious humans. one of the kids in my ward who thought it would be fun to share the cool pool with the more territorial seal, got chased off and snorted at. it scared the snot out of him and he scrambled for higher ground. the sadistic side of me wished the seal would have got him. the activitees committee chairperson side of me was glad we avoided a liability. can you see him sunbathing there on the left? not the kid in the ward! the seal! pretty sweet. juano and i on the left...awe.
juano took a video and got the seal sneezing...i should load that... funny... he jumped when it sneezed and shook the camera. look out!


Life out Here said...

That picture should be your engagement photo. (Tip: crop the kid out of the left side). PERFECTO! ha ha

saschub said...

Wish i could come to your graduation but I doubt it will happen... still looking for a job and I will be going back to school next week! Love Ya!

shimmyshimmy said...

HA HA HA!! that 'kid' on the left? that's my bishop!! ha ha ha ha!!

moosh in indy. said...

I want to come. boo boo boo.
Cute boy. Nice work. ;)