Friday, December 21, 2007

gingerbread house front porch

I helped Ashtyn and Chayse create a gingerbread house yesterday and Ashtyn had a novel idea that in all my years of making gingerbread houses, I had never thought of...

I was the designated icing lady, methodically doing my job of applying the icing in the appropriate places when I noticed the door was placed in the center, high off the ground on the front face of the house. I instinctively moved it down to the bottom and center of the graham cracker- in it's traditional place. Ashtyn calmly protested by handing me the 'steps'. I admit at first I did not understand but shortly realized that she wanted me to make a front porch for our gingerbread house. cleva, cleva.

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da Wolfi said...

hey amy, nice gingerbread houses! oh and I really like your blog background, it looks great.